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Amino combines the best of blockchain, advertising and payment technologies to enforce transparency.

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Online advertising's opaque supply chain invites fraud, waste, and abuse.

Amino eliminates:


Control the money. Control the problems.SM

Amino LensSM

Validates each entity in the media supply chain, tracking every impression, and giving it all back to the buyer via a real-time dashboard and analytics tools

Amino PaySM

Simplifies the payments process, ensuring that everyone in the supply path gets paid simultaneously according to your brands' guidelines

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What Finance Brings To The Blockchain Marketing Conversation

May 30, 2018

At best, marketers see the finance department as strategic allies, looking to structure the most successful plan for the business.

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Cash Conversion – A Secret to Google and Facebook’s Success

May 7, 2018

Apple is the case study for mastering the cash conversion cycle. Last year, the company collected money from consumers…

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Payment Terms Are The Hidden Wrench In Digital Advertising

March 23, 2018

3G capital, the investor behind many large CPG brands, started imposing 120-day payment terms with vendors in 2008.

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Brands Need To Turn Over A New Leaf At The NewFronts

March 8, 2018

This article was originally seen in AdExchanger “On TV And Video” is a column exploring opportunities and challenges in advanced TV and video.

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Media Buying Practices Brands Must Fix in 2018 to Prevent Another Hyphbot

December 19, 2017

In speaking recently to several top brand marketers about the problems they are dealing with on digital media…

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3 Ways Publishers Achieve Full Economic Transparency

September 28, 2017

On last week’s episode of “If You Didn’t Work in AdTech You’d Think This Was Illegal”, Digiday outlined how “shady” SSPs steal funds from…

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Publishers: 3 Strategies to Overcome Digital’s Black Box

August 17, 2017

Publishers, fight spoofing and other drains on revenue with 3 tactics to overcome the programmatic black box in digital advertising.

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How to Win with Ads.txt

August 2, 2017

Ads.txt from the IAB Tech Lab is “fantastic” but “incomplete” as a solution to fraud. Will Luttrell offers 2 ways to solve the deeper problems.

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Comcast’s Foray Into Blockchain

July 25, 2017

Simple concept. Powerful possibilities. How Comcast’s innovations with blockchain will change the future of technology in Philadelphia.

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How to Help Avoid Future New York Times Layoffs

July 19, 2017

Fraud in online advertising has costly consequences for publishers like The New York Times.

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