Amino is a payments company based on a simple concept: Control the money, control the problems.


Amino’s patent-pending technology sits at the intersection of advertising, blockchain, and payments, combining the best of these worlds into a single solution that eliminates the worst problems in online advertising. And we do it by working with your existing vendors and processes.



The Amino crypto-signature ensures that all buyers in the media supply chain are who they say they are. Bad guys don’t get paid.™



From buyer to publisher, follow the money in the Amino Ledger™. As each ad impression is displayed, the Ledger™ reconciles in real time. Every ad and every penny is there to see. It’s an auditor’s dream.


Amino enables accurate, timely payments. At a set schedule, the various parties in the media supply chain are paid their ledger balances. Get paid fast. Get paid more.™

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