Jeremy Stanton

VP, Analytics

As VP of Analytics, Jeremy draws from two decades of ad tech experience, designing and building the software that digests and shapes raw data into forms that can be efficiently analyzed, as well as driving the search for actionable insights in the collected client data. Jeremy tracks trends and OpenRTB spec changes in the ever-evolving ad tech ecosystem to ensure that the department can continually provide value to clients in new ways.

Prior to joining Amino, Jeremy co-founded Hivewyre, a retargeting company in the ad tech space. He was also on the founding team of Fetchback; the world’s leading retargeting company, maintaining a culture that was named the Top 10 Best Places To Work in Arizona by the Phoenix Business Journal before Fetchback made a successful exit to GSI for +$35M.

Jeremy graduated from the University of Kentucky and when not running or cycling is busy exploring the origin of words and numbers.