Tom Javian

Director, Analytics

As Director of Analytics, Tom is responsible for transforming the stream of incoming raw client data into a queryable data store and ensuring its integrity, then analyzing the data to generate business intelligence insights and findings for Amino’s clients. Tom also supports the sales team by providing vital information and marketing materials about how Amino’s technology integrates with partner platforms. His work at Amino is the continuation of a career path focused on coupling technical and computing expertise with communication skills in the service of clients.

Before working at Amino, Tom spent 20 years as a senior software developer at August Development Corporation in Doylestown, PA. There, he led the end-to-end development of data-driven web applications, from the design, architecture and implementation phases to ongoing application maintenance and client support. His first job in technology was for a small enterprise that created software and hardware systems designed to help people with brain injuries and other serious impairments manage their lives independently.

A lifelong resident of Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs, Tom graduated from Haverford College with a B.A. in English literature. He is keenly interested in local food networks and organic and sustainable farming, and in 2003, he created the website to provide a platform for local food activists to create and manage buying clubs and Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations.