Make a good impression every time.

Prove your value.

Amino ensures your clients’ ads and money go only where they are supposed to go, and gives you total transparency through the entire media supply chain.  Amino enables you to obtain up to 20% increased reach for every dollar.

Increased Reach

Amino spotlights vendors who take money without adding value. Finally, supply chain optimization that works.

Hassle-Free Accounting

Everyone in the supply chain works from the Amino LensSM. One set of numbers; a single source of truth.


Show all the steps in the path between your clients and publishers, including who took out money along the way.


Amino has your back, providing independent data to prove you’re protecting your clients and controlling where their ad dollars are going.

Smart Contracts

Supply chain vendors that violate your clients’ contract terms do not get paid. No spoofed sites. No fraud. No hidden fees.

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