IAS & Amino Announce Partnership

Now more than ever, marketers are looking for ways to ensure their advertising budgets are as effective and efficient as possible.  Advertisers need to optimize toward inventory that is brand-safe, viewable, and free of invalid traffic while ensuring they’re getting the most value out of their media budgets. 

In an effort to close the transparency gap and assure efficient quality media transactions, Amino Payments has partnered with Integral Ad Science. IAS protects brands’ digital investments and ensures ads are impactful through ad fraud, viewability, and brand safety solutions. Together, IAS and Amino give advertisers access to a full spectrum of verification services and financial transparency to achieve Total Visibility

With Total Visibility, Hewlett-Packard saw significant results shortly after implementation with the Head of North America Digital Activation John Marshall stating, “From the beginning, we realized a 60% reduction in cost for highly viewable, premium inventory. Being able to identify the most efficient, viewable, and safest supply paths in real-time have provided us the data to make spending decisions previously unavailable to marketers.”

Advertisers will now be able to see not only the volume of wasted media but also the financial impact, allowing them to optimize campaigns toward paths and publishers that are delivering cost-efficient and quality media. Using a single tag, Total Visibility provides access to the cost of display and video impressions that were fraudulent, unviewable, and unsafe. Advertisers can then refine campaign settings to reduce waste and better utilize every media dollar. 

On average, advertisers using the Total Visibility solution save 10-15% on their media spend by redirecting funds toward the most efficient, effective media. For example, Nestle witnessed a specific domain being consistently flagged as brand unsafe on a live campaign. With the full spectrum of verification services and financial transparency of Total Visibility, Nestle was able to see that 3.77% of unsafe impressions represented 9.23% of their total media spend. Within six hours of this realization, Nestle blacklisted the domain and directed spend away from brand-damaging placements. Money earmarked for unsafe inventory was redirected to safe media.

The partnership between IAS and Amino gives advertisers the tools to verify their media quality, quantify the value of their media, and optimize the efficiency and reach of their campaigns.

Gain radical transparency into your programmatic buys with IAS and Amino, so you never waste a cent.

To learn more about Total Visibility, reach out to or fill out the form below

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